Why I hacked @BollywoodGandu

I think I should first explain why I did not hack, and then get to why I did –

I did not because,

  • I needed followers
  • Fame
  • I was jobless
  • I hated him
  • Personal reasons

However, I did hack it. And I did because,

  • He was insulting those people (Bollywood actors, actresses, singers, directors, movies and everyone else) in an abusive, or non abusive manner, but such which was very offensive
  • He became a nuisance on Twitter
  • He was not funny anymore

What I plan to do with the account?
Nothing. Let it be. No tweets against anyone from it at least.

What was the point of doing it?
True this might not stop him, he might create another alias and start again. But, it will take him a lot of time to get noticed again, and this will definitely shut him up for a while.

BTW, if anyone found this bad or is against this action, I am sorry for it. Even though he had 40K+ followers its true he could probably have 400K+ haters too.

@BollywoodGandu if you are reading this – You are smart, you have a good sense of humor, use that nicely my friend. All the best in whatever you do. Peace out.

If you have any questions or anything to say, comment here, or tweet me, or email me at anonymous.abagnale@gmail.com :)


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About Anonymous Abagnale

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

22 responses to “Why I hacked @BollywoodGandu”

  1. hussain says :

    Is it farhan akhtar? The “peace out” suggests so.. :P

  2. numantngp says :

    How about changing the handle first !! its the name that is the most insulting thing about #BG, isn’t it ?

    • Anonymous Abagnale says :

      Not now.. Soon my friend. :)

      • xdude says :

        however one may deny it… but “sirf naam hi kaafi hai” to insult…andthats real legacy that “u r “doomed to” after ur hack… why u going thru this pain of insulting urself in worst possible manner…its like “F@#&$#% urself… this is the reason u shud change handle…otherwise u n him are “orthogonally” same lunatics…

  3. Krupa says :

    Please hack KRK too!!

  4. neha says :

    why not just ignore him?

  5. ninininin says :

    Good you hacked that son of a b****’s account. also why don’t you reveal his true identity through DMs and other such private messages. It’ll be fun to strip him outright. Bastard needs to pay for all the crap he has uttered here.

  6. Black says :

    Your name – Abagnale – Reminds me of Frank Abagnale. Any reason behind this masquerade?

  7. dumb says :

    Good work bro!! He had no right to insult all those people !

  8. BK says :

    I agree to this – He was not funny anymore. I stopped following him long ago. His rants became boring and smacked of being a loser

  9. MR BLUE says :

    plz block @desijourno also he is same as BG ,u can check his tweets !!! these people need to b banned from twitter

  10. FS says :

    Please put up a tutorial on hacking and preferably facebook.. i have a boyfriend i need to settle scores with :)

  11. Aaquib Sulieman says :

    I am proud of you,finally some moral sense on twitter india prevails,change the handle,its derogatory!! Good Job!!

  12. Priya says :

    I am sure you are a RockStar.. :)

  13. prshntBhat says :

    now what if somebody hacks into ur account and takes all d credit..!!..:P

  14. sameer says :

    plz reveal his identity or sm messages he has in inbox..or he has sent…cant u just delete that account….:))

  15. Kumar Mangalam Birla says :

    Awesome work. Assholes like that guy needed to be taught a lesson. I only hope the sonofabitch does not get the account back. And I am saying this not because I have any personal grudge against him, but all these assholes who have been misusing twitter to convey how big their dicks are needed to be told that they are dicks themselves. Respect!

  16. Pritish Bhavnani says :

    hey man u rock

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