Why I Wont Disclose Anything

On request by many, at first I had agreed to show his Direct Messages as well as reveal some of his Info. But when I was asked to think about it (not by thetanmay, someone I hold in high regard) I understood something very important which is of high significance.

Revealing them is not a problem. Screenshots have been taken and saved on my desktop anyways. But the real deal is – disclosing it is invasion of the other persons privacy. Whether its the celebrities(a handful) or his “friends”. BollywoodGandu had no privacy, he had no identity. But those people are real, and its not right to do so.

I know this is disappointing for many, I too was excited with the idea of letting you people know more. But, then… Sorry for the let down. :)

As for his account, his DP and Info have been changed. Many of his detractors have requested a change in name too. I’m open to that. What do you all say?
Like before – comment, email or tweet me @AnonAbagnale and I’ll take each and every message into consideration. :)


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About Anonymous Abagnale

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

One response to “Why I Wont Disclose Anything”

  1. Singham says :

    This person you hold in high regard, they approve of your illegal actions?

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