My “Return Gift” to BollywoodGandu

As most of you are aware, I got into BollywoodGandus account, and it was quite a rage on twitter for about 3 days. I provided you guys with some spice and hopefully the popcorn sellers had a good boost in sales. Anyway to the point.

BollywoodGandu is back. Disappointing for some and relief for some.

How – One of my friends sent BG a spam app which had been designed by me to get the ID and Password as prank on a commond friend.. He however, used it on BG. BG did not enter his true details. He entered something else, not his real details.. His real details were guessed :P

And he apparently played the prank on others also, but I’m not related to that. As for getting into BGs account, he got into it on the 9th of Jan. And took over a few days back. Then he lost control. And I stepped in. And then everything happened.

And I apologize for the mischievous way of time pass, and invading whatever little privacy he had. And you people can count on it that the same spam method or any other method will not be used again. And I also apologize to a certain Amira Deol. Sorry from my friends side for that.

“Peace out”


Thanking you,

STILL anonymous,



About Anonymous Abagnale

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

2 responses to “My “Return Gift” to BollywoodGandu”

  1. abhinav says :

    whose Rajat then….?

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