Love2HateU Script – KRK

How many of you watch Love2HateU? Show on Star World every Sunday 9-10 pm, where Arjun Rampal hosts a scripted meeting between a celebrity guest and his/her apparent hater.

Yes, scripted meeting. Leaked Script first time, officially on the net, exclusively for you, over here… Enjoy. :)
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Arjun: We’ve seen shouting matches and quiet conversations. We’ve seen people get charmed and people refusing to fall pray to charms. And through all this, I’ve managed to play the perfect host… (Whispers) because everybody is afraid to tell me otherwise! (Laughs) Welcome to love2hateu… a show where nobody is allowed to hate behind the safety of the internet. These are real people coming face to face with the real celebs that they hate.

Intro link – vanity van

Arjun: My guest on the show tonight is somebody who had a dream, and he did everything possible to make that dream come true. He wrote it. He produced it. He directed it. He acted in it…he made it a cult success. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome KRK!

Arjun and KRK exchange greetings

Arjun explains the show, shows him the hater audition

Arjun takes him to the setup.

This is a set up for a tweet up on irritating twitter personalities. Hater thinks that KRK is a very irritating Twitter personality. Our Actor will be conducting the session and will ask the hater to talk about the most irritating people on twitter. He will talk about KRK. At some point, KRK enters the proceedings; the door bursts open – we ask him to enter the tweet up saying dialogues from DeshDrohi in full filmi style –
Hater reactions

At this stage, we break the gag and have Arjun walk in and tell the hater that he is on Love 2 Hate U and invite him to spend time with KRK.

Initial Chat

1. You come across as very arrogant. For someone who’s done one b-grade film. Don’t you think that’s a bit too much?
2. You always make tall claims about your wealth. But we never really see it. Are you just faking it?
3. Even if you have so much money why do you need to show off so much, who wants to know how much money you have? Also, there are thousands of businessmen who have as much money as you, so what are you so proud of?
4. Your personality in reality shows is so laughable, do you realise people treated you as a joke and never take you seriously?
5. You’ve spent a lot of time praising your film Deshdrohi. But in reality it was one of the worst films ever made. And the only reason it made money was because everyone was there to laugh at how stupid the movie was.
6. Don’t you think it’s a little desperate for you to use the acronym KRK. Stop being such a SRK wannabe.
7. Why are you not making another movie if the first one was so successful?
8. Since you did everything for the film, it seems like nobody wants to work with you? And you didn’t have money to pay anybody else.
9. Your acting is horrible. Most extras will be able to do a better job than you. Don’t you think you should stop?
10. You always make outlandish and controversial statement; stop trying so hard for publicity.
11. You are very vulgar on twitter and often make very offensive remarks. Don’t you think that’s a bit too much?
12. What is your obsession with Asin. Why do you keep addressing her on twitter?

Arjun: on that not we’re going to have to take a short break but before we go, I have to take the hate o meter reading from you guys…

Arjun takes hate-o-meter readings from the hater

Break link

Recap from Arjun. KRK and the hater will do an activity together to end the show on a warm and happy note

KRK and the hater perform a scene from Deshdrohi 2

KRK and the hater can also sing/ dance together
End link

The script has been copy pasted without any changes. If you don’t believe wait for it to be aired. It has been shot on the 28th of December, don’t know when its to be aired though :)

EDIT :: As per our source, the episode has not yet been shot. Will let you all know. The shoot was scheduled for 28th December but Arjun Rampal did not have the dates because he was shooting was ‘Heroine’.

For any questions or queries comment here or follow me on twitter – @AnonAbagnale :)


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    OMG WOW! if this is true you rock!!

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    This is aaawwwesomeee

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