Ali Zafar Twitter ID hacked by us? Read this first

This is probably the last time I’ll be saying it. All those who are low on understanding power, read carefully and all your questions will be answered.

Those who are familiar with my mode of working, already know that I take pride in what I do, irrespective of it being good or bad. When I hacked BollywoodGandu I announced it. When I got the love2hateU script I announced it. I revealed KRK.

1) If I hack an account I say I have. I would have tweeted a Why I Hacked Ali Zafar Blog Post immediately.
2) If I hack, I make sure the original owner does not have access. I’m not that inefficient that I would let him tweet “my account has been hacked”

As for who did it, I don’t know. And why our names ( mine and @AdityaSonpal ) I don’t know either. However it looks like a setup. Sounds childish or impractical, but as of now that’s the only logical reason I could come up with. Someone must have hacked his account, IF hacked and it isn’t a publicity stunt and used our names cause of our recent actions.
Thing sensibly. Why would someone who “preaches” honesty and hacked a Bollywood hater’s account hack a celebrities account?

If all of this wasn’t reason enough for you all, I don’t have anything more concrete as of this moment. Wait for Ali Zafar to comment, and in the
meanwhile I’m investigating it myself.

@AdityaSonpal too has a message::

We were under the impression that he was genuinely following us, and hence all the comments and tweets made by us regarding Ali were in good humor(referring to a fan of his requesting us to make him reply, and also to when I said he’s my childhood friend). Unintentional and a jovial approach.

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One response to “Ali Zafar Twitter ID hacked by us? Read this first”

  1. mohit ahuja says :

    i trust u.. Completely.. :)

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