How To: All of Google’s Tricks

First of all, Happy Republic Day.

So I headed off to Google like always, and I saw their Doodle for today::

Google Doodle for Republic Day India

Disappointing Doodle by Google for R-Day

And I personally found it pretty disappointing, remembering all the cool stuff Google offered before.

And hence this post. I collected all the Google Tricks and have ’em down here. Enjoy :)

Many of us know the Barrel Roll trick, the Let it Snow trick is popular too. But how many of us know there are wayyyy more tricks from our Favorite Website Google?

This is probably one of the easiest tricks on the web, and its brought to you by none other than Google! VERY simple, all you have to do is type the following into Google and see magic happen. Guarantee to bring a smile on your face.

Gravity: Type Google Gravity and click “I’m feeling lucky” to observe Google collapse before your very eyes.
Askew: Type in tilt or askew and Google will slant your search results in an interesting way.
ASCII: Type in ascii art and Google will change its look to match your search criteria.
Alternative languages: Google doesn’t discriminate. They kindly provide search services in such important languages at Klingon, Pirate and more.
Anagram: Searching for anagram causes Google to suggest “nag a ram”
Recursion: Searching for recursion causes Google to suggest “recursion” once again, for good measure
The Loneliest number: It’s 1, of course
The answer to the universe: Most geeks know the answer to this one already.

Apart from “Do a barrel roll” and “Let it snow”.

Try them, they’re fun. And do comment or Tweet Us if you know more tricks, and we’ll add them here and definitely give you credit for it :)

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