How To: Create A Viral Message Box (Prank)

This trick is totally harmless. However if your victims computer is weak – say it runs 256 MB Ram, or has Windows 98 installed, the trick on the victim is sadly a bummer. It’ll ruin his ruined ruins.

What this is?
The code creates message boxes just like the general ones you see on your windows machine, with an “Ok” and “Cancel” option.

What you can do?
Create your own error boxes with your own error messages. Then, use your own imagination and play a prank on your friends. Be evil.

How to do:
Open notepad and paste the following code…
The code-
@echo off
msg * Warning your computer has detected a virus.
msg * To remove the virus click OK or close this box
msg * Your Hard drives are now being formatted
msg * Please wait ………..
msg * 10%
msg * 20%
msg * 30%
msg * 40%
msg * 60%
msg * 80%
msg * 98%
msg * 100%
msg * Computer will shutdown in 10 seconds

You can substitute the messages as per your wish and make it more creative, or dangerous. Probably save it for April Fools too :)
Once you got your message boxes done, you can save the file. This time around, save the file as a BATCH file. You need to add a .bat extention.

Like, fakemessagebox.bat

BTW, somehow this doesn’t work on all computers. This is Windows XP and Vista tested. I haven’t tried it on Windows 7 yet, sorry. :)

And cool trick-
Create a shortcut of the file and hide the original
Right click on shortcut and go to change icon.
You can change the icon to Chrome/Firefox or whatever the victim uses the most. Next time he opens that, BAAM!

Viral Message Box Prank

Viral Message Box Prank - How It Should Look

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