BollywoodGandu VS Anonymous Abagnale : End Of The Game Of Shadows

Disclaimer: Everything you are about to read below is injurious to BollywoodGandu. All characters are no more fictitious and are soon going to have resemblance to persons living, not dead. This blog post is by @Aditya_Says.

Twitterworld, wassup? It’s my first blog post from this blog! Well, couple of days back, there was a big BollywoodGandu VS Anonymous Abagnale fiasco. Lotta drama happened, Anon kicked ass. But in the end Gandu got his account back. Both knew who was the other and had a secret pact kinda thing that Anon shall not reveal Gandu else Gandu will reveal him and vice-versa.

It was the end…
Or, was it?

As recently as yesterday, one of our followers (@KaranTalwarBald) convinced me that it was appropriate to take some steps, and finish what we started. And what better way than a traditional blog post. It started here, will end here.


You all are in for a surprise. Something which supposedly will rock Twitterverse.  Two shocking revelations today. @AnonAbagnale Vs BollywoodGandu finally reached its climax (hopefully).

Lets go step by step.  1st Step – the first revelation.

Giving credit where its due,  Gandu was right. A few minutes back, @AnonAbagnale changed his name on Twitter. He has come out in the open, and he is –
Name: Rajat Vaghani
Popular for:  Microsoft .NET Frameworks top 10 .NET coders SAARC,  BlackBerry Developer – Themes have got above 200,000 downloads (CrackBerry+AppWorld),  Developer of 17+ softwares including Web Browsers, Media Players etc,  Last but not the least, owner of Cyber Sky. Hacking is past time.

Time to reveal the Gandu under the wig. And yes, wig cause the bugger is bald.  BollywoodGandu has no hair, along with no life. Anyways, lets not get personal. We don’t want him pulling his hair. Oops, no hair. Why am I obsessed with making fun of his no hair business?! Anyways, back to the point.

BollywoodGandu/Karan Talwar

Knock-Knock. Gandu here. Oops, Karan Talwar here.

The jawaan on top is the infamous Gandu, no pun intended.
name : Karan Talwar

Popular for : he founded Mumbai comedy group Schitzengiggles in 2010 in an effort to jump start the comedy scene in Mumbai. Unfortunately it failed and he became a Gandu. No pun intended again.

BollywoodGandu previously, you were “technically screwed” and now you are literally screwed.
I was a part of the entire episode, and now I can safely say –

And you thought when you “unhacked the hacker” it was the end, and you misguidedly announced it was over. The truth is, I wanted to set it right. ‘Nuff said,
The bald is out of the court, KaTie.
in the essential gandu style – this time at the correct moment – and here it comes


(PS – I’m a big fan of Sherlock homes)


Don’t forget to follow me – @AnonAbagnale or Aditya – @Aditya_Says on Twitter for more updates :)


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About Anonymous Abagnale

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

6 responses to “BollywoodGandu VS Anonymous Abagnale : End Of The Game Of Shadows”

  1. IhateGandu says :

    I hate gandu and now I love you! You ppl rock bros! Keep it up!!!
    And I’m proud of rajat! Good guts my friend. I like you…!!

  2. Alok Nath says :

    Bg is Gkhamba. Everyone know that.

  3. guneet says :

    hahaha u ppl did to his picture what he does to every1 elses! rotfl
    this is classy u ppl have showed him whos boss! awesome stuff…keep it up

  4. jamembo says :

    Finally the bastards revealed

  5. Rakky says :

    boss you ppl are studs! More ppl like you all are needed then india will prosper! I bow down n salute you all tc

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