How To: Watch Star Wars On Your Computer

Star Wars Logo

Nearly everyone has seen Star Wars. If not seen, then everyone has definitely heard of it!
This trick is to show you how to watch Star Wars on your desktop. Its not something you would want to watch, not the actual movie or proper graphics supported, however its fascinating how advanced technology is.

The “movie” is made up of ASCII Characters, and even if you don’t want to watch it, I would suggest trying it once at least, its something cool to know anyways.

Note: You need Telnet connection, else it won’t work. You can google up Telnet to know more. However, most Computers already have telnet connection before hand so you can go on and try.

Start up “Command Prompt” by opening ‘Start’ -> ‘All Programs’ -> ‘Accessories’
or by typing ‘cmd’ into run.
Once started, you have to type telnet “” and thats it, it will start! Its that simple. :)

Enjoy, and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter – @AnonAbagnale for more cool tricks! :)


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