Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Eight Years of Excellence in Social Networking

Some of you might be wondering about my obsession with Facebook. A couple of tweets and a blog post… But trust me, I’d wish it maaanny more times if possible.

A secret of mine:
The only reason I’m on Twitter and not on Facebook currently is because I want to “try” and get over my addiction. Yes, I find Facebook more addictive than Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg is truly a legend. For anybody who is into Web Designing/Web Development, such as myself, he is sort of an idol. What he has achieved on his own probably nobody has, and I doubt anybody ever will. He’s CEO, bitch!

Cheers to Facebook, and cheers to Mark! I hope I’ll be wishing Facebook next year too on my Blog :)


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Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

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