Bill Gates Doesn’t Know Why This Happens

By the way, a fun fact –

Albert Einstein and Bill Gates both have the same IQ of 160.

And coming to the post, Windows is probably the most heavily bugged thing I have ever come across.  I already wrote a post on the Calculator Bug, and this is another one which even The Bill Gates doesn’t have a solution to.

Try it out yourself…

Open Microsoft Word and type


And then hit “Enter”… See what happens. Be patient, it won’t hurt your system. May take about 3-5 seconds to completely.

Funny, isn’t it?

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Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

2 responses to “Bill Gates Doesn’t Know Why This Happens”

  1. Mouse Po-ta-toe says :

    Actually, Bill does, and so do many others.

    ‘=rand(200,99)’ dumps large amount of text – conveniently for lazy programmers / webmasters – to see how the typeface looks on the screen.

    Oh, and that bit about 160 IQ is an urban myth. If you read Paul Allen’s description of Bill Gates, he describes Gates as very intelligent. At the same time he says that one reason Gates quit Harvard was that he found there were 14-yr olds already working on their PhDs when Gates was still in his freshman years and he (Gates) realised there was no way he could outperform them.

    Trivia – You do know that you can NOT name your MS folders as – con, prn, aux etc.

  2. Karan Bulbule (@karan89) says :

    Get your facts straight. This is not a bug in Word.
    [=rand(x,y)] generates random x paragraphs with y statements per paragraph. I don’t have to tell you how helpful that would be to try out styles and formatting.

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