KRK’s Account: Everything You Might Need To Know

Why is pretty easy to summarize. Our tweets alone do it –





What we are going to do:
Unblock as many people as we can.

Also, we are going to give his account back to him. Today itself. We don’t have any intention of deleting it or keeping it whatsoever. Let this be treated as another warning to him. Its our humble request that he does not repeat what all he has done.

All those questioning, we do have a sense of humor. But I cant find the humor in tweets like – Hey my chocolate @shreyaghoshal how are you hot hot girl?

And for Gods sake, NO!! His password was NOT Deshdrohi Asin. He’s too self obsessed with himself for that. His password had his name and a combination of numbers.

As for his DM’s. They were not anything nice, and if screenshots are posted, they shall only help our case more.

That’s it for now. Follow @nikunjbhuwalka or @anonabagnale for updates :)


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About Anonymous Abagnale

Two mice fell in a bucket of cream. The first mouse gave up. The second one struggled and turned the cream into butter. As of this moment, I am the second mouse. And I'm Anonymous.

9 responses to “KRK’s Account: Everything You Might Need To Know”

  1. vikash says :

    if u could then pls make him follow everyone he had blocked. pls do so

  2. Sameer says :

    well done again Dude! . . but all time He use to cry to have more followers. .dont u think. . ur indirectly helping him increase in the num of followers he has. . . he will do more show-off. .

  3. vivek says :

    yaar iska bhi kaam laga do “Ram Gopal Varma”
    yeh bhi bhaut bakwaas bolta hai

  4. IndianMascot says :

    I can’t tell how I happy i am with after hearing about this on IBF.

    Long Live Anonymous Abagnale and keep hacking & thrashing these filthy creatures of earth.

  5. BeeYes says :

    Can you please avoid giving the account back to him? He is too bad to have his account back. He thinks he is a ‘avataar’ of Adam and treats women like hoes. Please delete his account. *Request*

  6. Roopali says :

    Hats off to you good man….!! now can you please put up a few of those screen shot so we all know exactly how dig a sleaze-ball he is…..

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