Student of the Year : Leaked Info 2

We made our first leak here –


Here’s another leak, and perhaps one of the most crucial, and funny scenes in the movie. SPOILER ALERT!! Read only on your own will.



In one of the scenes, the character Varun Dhawan plays, plays a prank on Siddharth Malhotra’s character. He asks Siddharth’s character to leave his urine sample for the football coach. He does as is said and hands it over to one of the staff who is suppose to deliver the sample to the coach’s house.

On the way however, Varun’s character and his friends stop the staff and whilst tet-a-tet drop a letter into the packet.

The letter says its Gangajal which he got specially for the coach.

The next day, the coach receives the letter along with the urine sample (which he thinks is Gangajal). Being ecstatic, he sprinkles it all around the room.

What proceeds you can probably guess, or at least let that be a secret until the film releases ;)


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