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Student of the Year : Leaked Info 2

We made our first leak here –


Here’s another leak, and perhaps one of the most crucial, and funny scenes in the movie. SPOILER ALERT!! Read only on your own will.



In one of the scenes, the character Varun Dhawan plays, plays a prank on Siddharth Malhotra’s character. He asks Siddharth’s character to leave his urine sample for the football coach. He does as is said and hands it over to one of the staff who is suppose to deliver the sample to the coach’s house.

On the way however, Varun’s character and his friends stop the staff and whilst tet-a-tet drop a letter into the packet.

The letter says its Gangajal which he got specially for the coach.

The next day, the coach receives the letter along with the urine sample (which he thinks is Gangajal). Being ecstatic, he sprinkles it all around the room.

What proceeds you can probably guess, or at least let that be a secret until the film releases ;)


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KRK Revealed Part 2

First of all, why the title KRK Revealed Part-2:
For all those who are unaware, we previously hacked his email and gave him a warning. There’s a blog post on that called KRK Revealed Part-1. This is a very deserving follow up.

So KRK was hacked today. And amongst many people tweeting to us, there was RJMishkka. She offered us a chance to do a radio chat with KRK. I wasn’t too interested in it, but Nikunj suggested we go on, so we did.

Summary of the chat:
KRK says producers pay him for publicity
KRK says we are smarter than him and have outsmarted him
KRK says he’s friends with Sunny Leone, Bipasha Basu and hence they don’t mind his tweets

In the chat, I specifically told him we had planned to give his account back to him, and even made a tweet announcing that it shall be done at 6 PM. And it was done accordingly too.

After that, I left for some other personal work of mine. And I get a phone call asking me to check twitter asap.

What do I see?
Total bullshit from KRK. The guy tweeted abuses to nearly every celebrity on Twitter.

Then RJMishkka called up Nikunj asking for an explanation. She thought we did it. But we told her that we gave the account back to KRK. She said fine and spoke to him.
KRK: someone else hacked my account again

After 30 min:
KRK: I got my account back.

Oh you stupid fool. We aren’t so dumb! So KRK says his account got hacked again.

All tweets were by him.
I tweeted saying he should say sorry or I’ll expose him.
He sent me a couple of direct messages saying enjoy have fun I am fooling everyone. (Screenshot has been posted on my twitter profile).

If after this, you ppl think we were paid by him, or we wrote those abuses, or he didn’t write those abuses, then I have no words. This is plenty proof against him.

What should we do now? Hack him again?

BY THE WAY, what pissed me off most: his tweet about Katrina Kaif. Haha. :)

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KRK’s Account: Everything You Might Need To Know

Why is pretty easy to summarize. Our tweets alone do it –





What we are going to do:
Unblock as many people as we can.

Also, we are going to give his account back to him. Today itself. We don’t have any intention of deleting it or keeping it whatsoever. Let this be treated as another warning to him. Its our humble request that he does not repeat what all he has done.

All those questioning, we do have a sense of humor. But I cant find the humor in tweets like – Hey my chocolate @shreyaghoshal how are you hot hot girl?

And for Gods sake, NO!! His password was NOT Deshdrohi Asin. He’s too self obsessed with himself for that. His password had his name and a combination of numbers.

As for his DM’s. They were not anything nice, and if screenshots are posted, they shall only help our case more.

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Student of the Year : Leaked Info

Student Of The Year is an upcoming Indian comedy film directed by Karan Johar, starring new comers Varun Dhawan, Siddharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt in the lead roles. The film is produced by Karan Johar and Shahrukh Khan under the banner of Dharma Productions and Red Chillies Entertainment.

The above info is as per Wikipedia.

Here’s another poster of the film:

Exclusive Poster

Exclusive Poster

Here’s an awesome fact, which will either leave you in splits or totally shocked:

The film like the title suggests revolves around the college. There are two types of students apparently:
Grant Nerds – name suggests enough.
SRK – Spoilt Rich Kids

Yes, believe it or not, Karan Johar’s film takes a dig at Shahrukh Khan. SRK is used as an abbreviation for, well, “Spoilt Rich Kids”.

@Shahrukh Fans – I did not make this up and neither have I written the script, so no point abusing me. But feel free to say anything to the others.

@Salman Fans – do what you want.

@Aamir Fans – do what you want.

BTW, fun fact – The person who handed me the information has access to the script I guess. Not tough to guess who now, is it? Anyways, I am suppose to keep his identity a secret, so no more on that at all from me.

And this is just one part. We aren’t done yet. Wait and watch for more.
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