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Women Vs Beer – Darn Them Both

I’ll come straight to the point, no stupid wannabe funny introduction to this. Probably cause I can’t think of any, or cause I’m high. No.. Not by beer.

I got this as a broadcast message on BBM:

Beer Vs Woman

A Beer is always wet, a woman is not..1 point for beer!:p

Beer is horrible, when it is hot..1 point for women!;)

A cold beer satisfies you..1 point for beer!:D

For a beer, you pay taxes..1 point for women!;)

If you take a second beer, the first one doesn’t get angry..1 point for beer!:p

You can always be sure that, you are the first one Opening a beer..1 point for beer!:D

If you shake a beer, after a while it calms down by itself..1 point for beer!;)

You know exactly how much a beer costs..1 point for beer!:p

A beer does not have a mother..1 point for beer!:D

A Beer won’t ask you to hug her for half an hour after having it..1 point for beer!;)

So the Score is…
Beer beats women
8 to 2

If you’re a guy, enjoy this message..If you are a woman reading this and getting angry, know that a beer would never get angry….

And I was like “lol” n all.. And happily forwarded it on to a few people. One of them, a girl, found it “interesting” of sorts, and replied –
(This is exact copy paste, so sorry for the informal language)

-A woman lisns to ur shit beers make u passout nd puke…1 point fr women
-A woman u can show off to other guys a beer ne1 cn buy…..1 point to women
-a woman u can swoon over god noes hw long….a beer gets over in 5 mins….1 point to women
-a woman helps u wid studyz nd last min ans nd shit….a beer will gv u hangover so u cnt evn wk up nd fail….1 point fr women
-After beerz u want women evn mre….beers after women u dnt need…..1 point fr women!
-Im a woman nd u txt me olmost evryday…nt sumtn u cn do to a beer….1 point fr women….look abv its 8-7….nw 8-8

Oh nd 1 last to beat it…..d stuff u watch on tv, net, evry movie nd video nd stuff u dream of? Yeah….u dnt gt it from beers!;) beaten!

I don’t really know why I’m blogging about this, or sharing it with you all, but I found this absolutely brilliant! I don’t know if you should take this as a joke or as something serious, but its definitely something awesome to read!
And by the way, if you do by chance have a glass of beer in your hand, do raise it! ;)

(If you have more points for or against either teams, please comment)



Bill Gates Doesn’t Know Why This Happens

By the way, a fun fact –

Albert Einstein and Bill Gates both have the same IQ of 160.

And coming to the post, Windows is probably the most heavily bugged thing I have ever come across.  I already wrote a post on the Calculator Bug, and this is another one which even The Bill Gates doesn’t have a solution to.

Try it out yourself…

Open Microsoft Word and type


And then hit “Enter”… See what happens. Be patient, it won’t hurt your system. May take about 3-5 seconds to completely.

Funny, isn’t it?

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Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Happy Birthday, Facebook!

Eight Years of Excellence in Social Networking

Some of you might be wondering about my obsession with Facebook. A couple of tweets and a blog post… But trust me, I’d wish it maaanny more times if possible.

A secret of mine:
The only reason I’m on Twitter and not on Facebook currently is because I want to “try” and get over my addiction. Yes, I find Facebook more addictive than Twitter.

Mark Zuckerberg is truly a legend. For anybody who is into Web Designing/Web Development, such as myself, he is sort of an idol. What he has achieved on his own probably nobody has, and I doubt anybody ever will. He’s CEO, bitch!

Cheers to Facebook, and cheers to Mark! I hope I’ll be wishing Facebook next year too on my Blog :)

End Of A Saga – The Last Laugh

Aditya Sonpal – (@Aditya_Says)
– The last month or so was a roller coaster ride. Our endeavors – hacking, insulting, and basically kicking some ass on twitter.

Before I come to my real motive here are the accounts that we had/have access of. We didn’t use all. The ones we used are highlighted by ‘ * ‘













13)Daniyal Yousaf




















33)cilemasnob *

34)bollywoodgandu *

To the ones we used :
There weren’t any negative reasons behind them, apart from Gandu which everyone knows by now. Also taking this opportunity to say sorry to the others. Gandu can go wax Akshays chest hair.

Some others too. That list had been deleted by me.
Now –
Why we revealed our identities –
Cause we aren’t the life less ones who were scared of revealing our identities, unlike some famous characters on Twitter who were waiting for “Robin Hood” to come and reveal them.

A message to kamaalrkhan – you are stupid and you are an ass. Keep your mouth shut and the feet of your 4 ft 2 inch body firmly on the ground.
(I have his deshdrohi 2 ka script, proposed cast, and budget if anyones interested pls email at

Our success is reflected in the bald form by our very own bollywoodgandu aka Karan talwar. Gandu was the one who failed in his profession and hid behind his computer screen watching porn and making fun of ppl who are successful.
When we brought reality in front of his fucked up bald face he couldn’t take it. Probably he still can’t. He’s thinking everyones dicks size is the same as his.

We have other better stuff to do, however hard it may be to believe.
Let the bitch bite the air, we’ll be back soon.

Your bitterness overflows in your fucking tweets while all you can do is insult. Try appreciation some day. You’ll be a changed man. And with ur 50000 odd followers, you can be of some use to the human community rather than simply spreading bitterness and under the belt humor.

Hope you find a nice job, probably actually wax akshay kumars chest hair and who knows, you might make a rupee or two and get a life in which you don’t live with self pity.

You aren’t funny when ur doing stand up comedy, and sitting down comedy on twitter isn’t funny either. Try lying down and rip.

This marks the end of our stint on twitter, for now.
The game is now over. Ppl may make any no. of blogposts or tweets criticizing us now. But its too late. We have had the last laugh.

Stay away from fake accounts which have already been made. Me (aditya_says) and Rajat(anonabagnale) will not be on twitter anymore though we will have access to our blogs and will respond to any query or any attempt to get in touch with us.

till then adios!
Logging off.